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Sex is one of the healthiest pleasures in human life. It is essential to keep our spirits up and maintain the balance of life. It is not just an effective physical therapy to keep our body in great shape, but also a mental indulgence in terms of wellness. Any shortcoming in attaining optimal sexual pleasure could bring the moods of life down. It could take away the little joys that we cherish. It could even result in turbulent relations between partners.

There are many factors that harmfully affect the joy of healthy sexual relationships. Ranging from lifestyle features and junk food to smoking and drinking, the reasons why the vital stamina loose out are many. The stressful routines of modern lifestyle can be cited as another. Ageing too can be a major cause of the lack of much-needed vigour to enjoy a happy sex life.

There are many products available in the market that promises to restore the sexual instinct and force. Anyhow, most of these are prepared with artificial flavours and ingredients that carry a lot of side effects that could cause troubles in various ways. The only real solution is to go the nature’s way and find a suitable remedy prescribed by the science of life.
Vigour Musali from Manara Pharma is indeed a solution rich in nature’s bountiful blessing.


Consume two capsules twice daily after meals

Vigour Musali enhances the pleasure of union by augmenting your confidence with your partner.Equally effective for all irrespective of age and gender

  • Useful in penile problems
  • Enhances libido
  • Increases sperm count
  • Regulates premature ejaculation
  • Promotes general well being and vitality
  • Prolonged performance

  • CHLOROPHYTUM TUBEROSUM (SAFED MUSALI) : Aphrodisiac agent and vitalizer. Rejuvenating reproductive system, increases sperm count, enhances libido and regulates premature ejaculation.
  • MYRISTICA FRAGRANS (JATHIPHALA) : Aphrodisiac activity because of its nervous stimulating property.
  • WITHANIASOMNIFERA (ASWAGANDHA) :It is good for restoring vitality and full sexual potency and had stress fighting power, enhancing libido , fertility and sexual potency.
  • HOLOSTEMMA ADAKODIEN (JEEVATHY)  :Increase the sperm count, sexual virility.
  • ASTERACANTHA AURICULATA (KOKILAKSHA) :Androgenic as well as improvement of sexual behavior and a significant increase in sperm count as well as fructose levels of seminal vesicle.
  • PHASEOLUS RADIATES (BLACK GRAM) : Increases sperm count.
  • EMBLICAOFFICINALIS (AMLA) :It enhances the sexual activites. This obviously increases longevity, fertility. As it has rasayana property which improves the quality of life.
    Has powerful rejuvenating properties. Its rejuvenate effect increases the core energy responsible for sexual power and health. As an aphrodisiac shilajith increases vitality and stamina while toning the reproductive organs and enhancing their functions and facilitate multiple sexual health functions.

Vigour Musali is a highly recharging and rejuvenating Ayurvedic product that is suitable for both men and women across all adult age groups. It has proven to be a great way to boost sexual vigour and also deal with a variety of sex-related problems. It is useful in dealing with penile problems, enhancing libido, increasing the sperm count, regulating premature ejaculation and also in prolonging the performance, apart from being generally good for health and stamina. Naturally charged with the virtues of 10 different species of herbs and spices such as Safed Musali, Jathiphala, Ashwagandha, Jeevathi, Amla etc., Vigour Musali is your ideal remedy to troublesome sexual problems.


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